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Using your Mango account to source quality business sales leads

Most U.S businesses serve other businesses. And "Direct sales" is often the main driver of overall sales. Connect with local businesses directly from your MangoCRM account.

It is a well-known fact that businesses that serve other businesses, also known as business-to-business firms (b2b), are in the majority as far as the U.S economy is concerned. 

In fact, when it comes to firms with over 500 employees, about 72% of those companies serve other businesses. Either exclusively or to some degree.

The point being, if you are in businesses, well... chances are, you also serve other businesses. This reality was our inspiration for creating our business leads feature.

Your MangoCRM account, across all levels of users, provides access to a robust searchable business list database. And a number of tools to help you find local businesses, or businesses in other States to help power your direct marketing efforts.

With this powerful feature in hand, you and any member of your team can search for businesses based on a combination of geography and type of business.

Once you locate a list of desired business leads, i.e results, you can either export your entire list (or a portion of your list) in CSV format or choose to add them to your Mango Contact list with just a few clicks. 

Here is how you find new business leads

1. Access your account

Log into your MangoCRM account or create a free account to get started.

2. Access business leads page

Click on the business leads link on your menu

3. Search for new businesses

First, make a selection of the desired U.S State in which you wish to find businesses. Then select your desired city and the type of businesses you are looking to connect with.

Once you have made all desired selections, allow your list to load. Contact us if you encounter any issues here as this feature is currently in Beta mode.

4. Save/Export lead list

At this point, you can add leads one-by-one to your contact list. Add multiple leads by using the select all feature. Add all leads to your contact list or simply export your list or portions of your list by using the Export button

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