Build, connect, grow

The the best CRM software for small business

Grow your business

Mango is the ideal tool to help businesses like yours thrive in this fast-paced business environment. Our platform combines the best in project management, customer management and sales automation. 


Build customer loyalty with these tools

CRM software for sales management

Get connected

Build long lasting relationships with your clients, customers, and contacts. Invite them to log into their own accounts.


Easily share news and updates with your customers and contacts via the "Announcements" tab in their accounts.

Solve problems

Be there to provide excellent customer service. Your customers can ask for your help via their accounts by using the "Support" tab to access self-serve tools.

Customer/contact portal

Give your customers the tools they need to gain access to quick precise customer support when they need to.

Self-serve support desk

You will be able to set up products and service, along with pricing information and simply bill your customers for said services by adding them to their accounts in your contacts view page. The customer then automatically gets an email notification asking them to log into their accounts to pay you. 

Selling & Billing

Easily communicate with all of your customers and contacts. Send out updates, news items, video tutorials, etc. 


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