Why Mango

Contact management made for real people

No extra costs for multiple users
No annual contracts
No Hidden costs or fees
No mess

Customer relationship management system

Manage your team like a boss

Easily manage team member access, create new company-wide products and services and more.

crm system

Add, delete and manage all your team members in one place

crm database

Add physical products to your inventory or create services to bill your customers for

Get a 360 degree view of your entire business. Download reports

Best CRM for Startups

Intelligent contact management.

Make your contacts and customers the center of your business. Provide seamless quality service.

crm database

Use "Tags" to ensure that you can always find the right contact at the right time

open source crm
Small business crm plaform

To-do's & Tasks

Organize your day and inspire productivity with our "To-do's" feature

Manage users

Add, delete and manage all your team members in one place

Announcements & Notifications

Keep your entire team and customers on the same page with company-wide announcements

oracle crm


Create and deploy new products and services across all teams. Allow customer access to pay directly for your offerings.

crm database

Customer access

Invite customers to log into their accounts to pay for products and services, provide information, etc.

Try Mango for your business

15-day free trial. No credit card required.

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