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Feature highlight: Announcements

Explore the many ways in which the "Announcements" feature in your Mango account can simplify communications among your teams.


The basics

One of the most exciting features introduced within the Mango interface is the ability for anyone to deploy a system-wide or targeted message. These messages appear as social media style posts that can be sent out to a group of teammates or customers.

Video Announcements

messaging platform


Create  video-based announcements

Share all types of video content with your team. Quickly share training videos, interesting news reports or just something funny you saw on YouTube.


Team collaboration CRM software for contractors

Share important updates and notices with your entire team as well as your clients and contacts.


crm automation

Team management

crm for painting contractors

Manage your entire team with ease.

With Mango, you can assign various roles to different members of your team as well as outside contractors

More reasons to look to Mango as your go-to top project management software

Client on-boarding

Quickly add and securely store new client data. Connect with your customers in new ways.

Billing and invoicing

Collect payments for your services directly from your account.

Data Security

We employ the use of state-of-the-art security protocols to keep all your  data safe.

Start collaborating with your team now

15-day free trial. No credit card required.

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