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Mango 101: Creating Link and photo announcements 


 2 min read

As a feature/function, your Mango account allows you to share updates with the rest of your team and/or customers. We call these updates "Announcements". These are much like social media posts, in that they appear on the dashboard of the intended recipients and also under Announcements tab for your customers on their account page.


When you create an announcement or post and deploy it with selected audience members, the individuals who are meant to receive your announcement will receive an email alerting them to log into their accounts to see your new announcement.


Much like in Facebook or Twitter, you can share links with photos (Great for sharing articles), or you can deploy text-based announcements, which are great for short important messages that require no rich media. These types of announcements are great for announcing meetings, conference calls, etc.

Image by Annie Spratt
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In this article, I will provide the simple steps required to create and deploy a Link and photo announcement

1. Log into your Mango account

2. Click on the "Announcements" tab in your right hand menu or from your Dashboard

3. Click on the "New Announcements" button.

4. Select Photo and fill out the required fields.

5. Click post to share your new Announcement with your chosen audience

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