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crm marketing automation

Navigating MangoCRM

Get to know all there is about Mango's unique contact management interface and all associated features.

Contact management

Our team created this handy guide to help introduce you to MangoCRM's versatile contact management interface and all the features associated with it. 

Our contact management interface is meant to help you effectively manage not just the most basic of data about your business contacts, clients, customers, etc. but to also help you execute various other functions with the contact as the centerpiece.

Basic features

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Easily import all your contacts to your Mango account via CSV file. 


Search our database of over 25 million U.S businesses to grow your business contacts. Search by geography, type  of business and more


Export all or a portion of your business contacts via CSV file


Add new contacts to your account with just a few clicks

Navigating your contact lists

Easily add tags to your contacts' accounts to help set them apart from your other types of contacts.


Once you have created various tags within your contact pages, your new navigation tabs will show up above your contacts on your main contacts page. You can use these tabs to access various types of contacts within your account.


Edit/Add contacts


Profile photo

Smiling Girl

Edit contact information

First name

Last name


Organization name


Phone #

Create new contacts by filling in as much data about your contacts as possible.


From the organization, your contact is associated with to personal details about them.


Learn how to create new contacts

Ready to take MangoCRM for a spin?

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