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Capture the true essence of your contacts. Introducing video within your contact interface

We recently unveiled a new feature that allows you to embed (Youtube) videos of your contacts ( or whatever) within the contacts interface in your MangoCRM account.

Change has finally come to the way you "input and manage" your business contacts.

Going forward, with our new set of features, you will be able to extend the various capabilities of your MangoCRM interface. More specifically, the way you approach the contact management infrastructure of your entire organization.

As part of our continued mission to bring versatility and simplicity to how small businesses around the world manage their contacts, we have launched a new feature within the Contacts interface that helps entrepreneurs and small business users capture - in a dynamic way - more information about their customers, clients, partners, job applicants and so on.

Embed videos along with contact information

What makes this feature great is that it allows you to capture more information about your contacts.

For folks in the HR or recruiting space, this feature allows you to store video resumes about your job applicants.

How you utilize this feature within your organization is only limited by your imagination.

Since video has become the preeminent type of media out there, it makes perfect sense for you, the small business owner, to harness the power of this dynamic tool.

Here is how it works

Go to your MangoCRM and click on the "Add Contact" tab at the top of your Dashboard page.

Once at the "Contacts" section of your account, you may have to click on "NEW CONTACT" to open the new contact input page.

At this point, your contact input page should be open ready for you to enter initial contact information.

Since Mango automatically creates accounts for your contacts, you will need to at the very minimum enter the contact's email addresses which doubles as a username and a password.

You will be able to change this password later.

At this time, you will be able to copy the URL of any YouTube video you wish to save as part of your contact's information. and click "Save".

Please note: That your contact, unless you "Turn off notifications", will be notified by email that they have been added as a contact and to log into their newly-created account associated with your organization.

This is a helpful feature when it comes to billing, customer service, etc. However, in terms of just making changes to general contacts in your account, this feature can become annoying. So, you are able to "Turn off/on notifications as you see fit.

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