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Connecting with your customers via curated updates.

Seamlessly send out email campaigns to your customers via the "Updates" feature within your MangoCRM account.

There are few marketing features built into your MangoCRM account based on requests from our users, we introduced the "Email Campaign" feature shortly after our launch.

We find that many business owners love this nice little feature as it helps them stay connected with their customers in the most natural way possible.

The idea behind this feature is that as a small business owner, your business will come to be built on the quality of your relationships with your customers/clients/users. etc.

What this feature allows you to do is to create quality content within your account, and then seamlessly share them via email with your customers.

In essence, you will be able to create updates in your account and then have the option for said update to be automatically shared with your customers.

Your customers will receive an email asking them to log into their customer account portals to see your updates. Each shared update will display to you, the level of engagement on your customers' end.

Here is what you do:

Log into your MangoCRM account and head over to your updates sections.

If you haven't already created the update you wish to share, this will be the first step.

Once your update is created, a Green "Email Campaign" button will appear above your new update in the Updates area only.

At this point, you can simply click on the Email Campaign button to select your audience, enter a catchy title and be sure to type in your company name or a name your customers will recognize and then click "Start" and your email notifications will start going out.

Please note that within this feature, audience selections are made based on Tags

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