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Don't feel like sending an email? Send company-wide updates with MangoCRM

Send out important updates to your customers and/or team with a few simple clicks. Shared updates will appear in your team members' individual timelines.

The "Updates" feature in your Mango account is built to allow you or any member of your team to share all types of information with the rest of the team or with your customers. Shared "Updates" or posts may take the form of video, text, or Photo.

Any one of these types of content can be shared as systemwide posts or with a select few users and customers/contacts.

After a post/update is shared, other members and customers may engage with shared content via "Likes", just like on social media, as well as make comments about the shared content.

The author of shared posts/updates can delete their posts or remove comments associated with their posts.

Let's get it done

In this tutorial, I shall walk you through the steps required to create a text-based update/post.

Actual steps

1. Log into your Mango account

2. Click the "Updates" link in your main menu

3. Click "Update"

4. Choose who gets to see your update. The system allows you to choose either your staff or customers. You can skip this step and choose by specific email addresses too.

5. Create a category for your post. Here you can type in any type of text or number. Pick a category that is easy to remember so you can later associate similar announcements with this category.

6. Pick a title and write out the main body of your announcement in the "What's on your mind?" field.

7. Use Hashtags to group similar announcements together in the system

8. Choose which type of Update you are sending. In this case, you will want to simply click on the "Text" icon.

Please note that to avoid sending out any unintended announcements, we have separated the audience types into the categories of "Staff " or "Customers"


9. Click "Post" after you are confident you got all you need


Each member of your team or customer selected will now receive an email to log into their accounts to see your new Update

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