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Getting Started: About features

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

In this handy guide, we have broken down some of the key features within your MangoCRM account.

Contact/List Management

It all begins with the addition and/or management of a contact. Mango makes it easy to add a new contact. "Contacts" to us is a general term describing an individual and/or organization you do business with.

You can add any type of contact to your account for further action. Our contact management interface allows you to add a new contact, search to find contacts by name, tag, keywords, etc.

Once a new contact has been added, the system gives you the tools needed to take various actions with your contact being the centerpiece. This is how Mango is set up: You first add a new contact, then that contact becomes the center of most actions.

For instance, once you have saved a contact you can add:

Organizational information

This section allows you to add any information about any organization with which your contact is associated. You will be able to add the organization's name, address, phone number, website, and many other pieces of information.


You can add new notes associated with your contact. Add a whole host of notes to help you work much better with your contact.


You can also create various tasks and reminders associated with your contact.

Products & Services

Assign new products and services to your contact. You can choose from a host of products and services you or your account admin creates. Once a product or service is added, the contact will be able to log into their account to make payment.

Contact/Customer portal

Once you add a new contact to your account, a contact access account is automatically created. The contact will get an automated email providing them with their username and password to log into their account.


You can also create system-wide Updates/announcements to send out to your contacts and/or teammates. These announcements will appear as notifications in the accounts of your recipient(s).

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