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Getting Started: What is MangoCRM?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Get a quick introduction to Mango. Get to know the platform's most basic features and benefits.

MangoCRM is an all-in-one Contact management tool that you and/or your team can use to manage client/customer information, create new products and services to sell to your customers, and to collaborate on various tasks.

Your Workspace

We would like to invite you to think of Mango as a multi-dimensional tool.

Access levels

Once set up your account will come with three main access levels:


What this means is that you and any other Administrators you designate will have access to the system where you can set up billing preferences, invite teammates and set up products and services.


The rest of your non-admin users will then have a set of options with which they can collaborate with the rest of the team as well as add new contact information, bill customers for products and services, and so on.


Your customers will also receive their own account login credentials. Customers will be able to log into their accounts to pay for products and services assigned to them. See their account information, and so on.

Ready to keep learning?

Find detailed how-to articles in our Help Center or read our blog for more helpful tips and guides.

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