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How to add new teammates to your MangoCRM account.

You can add as many users to your Mango account as needed without incurring any additional monthly cost.

MangoCRM allows you to add unlimited users/teammates to your account without incurring any extra monthly charges. There are three types of users within the Mango interface:

The first group of users is

"Admins": These types of users have the tools to add new teammates, customers, products, services, etc.

Then there are

"Users": These can be employees, partners, contractors, etc. These types of users can add new contacts/customers/clients and can also add products and services to customer accounts to receive payment.

The third type of user is

"the contact", customer, or client. You and any member of your team can set up login credentials for a customer from the customer page. The customer can log into their account to view payment history and also pay for products and services. 

In this tutorial, I will walk you through the very simple process of adding new team members.

How to add new teammates (Admins Only)

Here is what you do

1. Log into your Mango account (Admins only)

2. Click on the "Manage users" link in your left menu

3. Click on the "New User" tab

4. Fill in as much information as you can. Please note that the new user email and

passwords are required. Click "Save"

The user will automatically receive an email to log into their account. The invitation email will contain their login credentials. Once they are logged into their account, they can edit their profile as they see fit. Please note that as an admin, you have the option to delete user access and/or reset their email and password at any time.

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