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How to build customer trust and loyalty.

What are some key reasons why customers remain loyal to a product, a service, or an organization? #customerservicetips

Gaining your customers' trust is probably the most important milestone one must reach in order to grow a successful business long-term. Customers around the world trust the brands they consume on a daily basis.

For example, we trust our favorite restaurant to make sure the meals we eat are prepared so as not to cause us any harm. Trust is fundamental to the intrinsic success of any relationship. It is a fickle thing. It is difficult to gain it but so easy to lose it.

Here are a few ways to gain trust among the ranks of your customers:

Prioritize awesome service/support

Great customer service, or should I say, offering great customer service is the great equalizer. It transcends company size and budget.

It is the one thing that even as "the small guy" you can do very well to help you go toe to toe with more well-known, deep-pocketed, competitors.

As a matter of fact, this is one area in which some folks feel smaller players do better than big brands. As a small business owner, you do yourself a great service when you prioritize awesome customer service.

You, for one, will reduce attrition with customers and even employees, build brand equity and lower your customer acquisition cost.

Put your money where your ...

As a business, you will want to have and are required in some cases to have clear (written and easily-accessible) policies.

For businesses focused on doing business in the cybersphere, there are return policies, refund policies, privacy policies, cookie policies, and so on required by various regulatory bodies and vital business partners.

It is one thing to have these policies in place and an entirely different thing to put your money where your mouth is when standing by these same policies.

Firms that are known for consistently honoring their policies over time, create an atmosphere of trust that allows them to attract more customers.

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