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How to build dynamic contact lists with "Tags"

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Mango stands out among any list of CRM systems in that our system uses tags to eliminate the need for users to create, save and track multiple contact lists.

When we decided to build mango, we sought to, among other things, eliminate the hassles typically associated with creating contact lists with most contact management platforms. We wanted our user's to have a simple yet powerful way to store all their contacts in one place regardless of any diversity that may exist as far as one's customers, clients, contacts are concerned.

We understood that different kinds of businesses would have varying needs as far as their internal and external groups of contacts are concerned. For this reason, we developed our contact lists module to incorporate the use of tags.

"Tags" in the mango system, simply describes words users may choose to use to identify groups of contacts. For example, some tags used to clearly group common contacts would be "Customers", "Clients", "Partners", etc. Using tags will allow you to via the search module to pull up any group of contacts at any time while enjoying the sheer simplicity and convenience of having all your contacts in one place.

We hoped this method would eliminate the need to create and track various lists. Needless to say, you can also assign more than one tag to a contact. After all, we understand that some contacts may often be both associate and customer, or both employee and customer, and so on. In this guide, we will look at the simple process by which you can edit, delete, or otherwise update tags for existing contact as well as creating a new contact and adding new tags.

How to add new tags to a new contact

1. Log into your Mango  account

2. Click on the "Add New Contact" button in the top left corner of your page

3. Fill in all relevant information. Be sure to assign a username and password to your contact to be able to save. Select the tags with which you would like to be able to identify your new contact and all others like them.

4. Click "Save" You will now be able to find your contact with any of the tags you chose using the search field in the top right corner of your page.

How to edit tags for an existing contact

1. Log into your Mango  account

2. Click on the "Contacts" menu link

3. Click on the name of the contact you wish to access or on the "Edit" icon in the "Actions" column.

4. Scroll down the "Tag list" section of your contact's account.

5. Delete or add new tags ( separated by commas) as you desire. There are no limits to what kind of tags or number of tags you can use here.

6. Click Save. You will now be able to locate all contacts associated with the new tags you have assigned.

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