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How to Send out Email Campaigns using Mango

Mango provides many features and tools you can use to build and send out dynamic email messages to your contacts.

As a MangoCRM user, you, among the many tools the system offers, have the ability to send out dynamic email campaigns. Mango allows you to send out videos, text-based messages, and photos.

The process involves creating an announcement in your account and then sending out the created announcement via email to contacts using common tags.

Let's say you found a video and wanted to send it out to your contacts that you know would be interested in the main topic of the video. For example, a video about Tesla's (TSLA) recent stock split.

You will first want to create a video announcement in your Mango account.

The next step will be to send out your created announcement as an email campaign.

Here is what you do:

  1. Log in your Mango account

  2. Click on the Announcement link in your side menu

  3. Locate the announcement you wish to send as an email campaign and click on the Email Campaign tab right above it.

4. In the Email popup dialog box, select who receives your email campaign based on common tags. This means you will be able to assign any type of tag to group any number of contacts prior to sending out your email campaign.

5. Click start once you have completed all three fields. Your email campaign will be sent out to your selected contacts.

You will be able to track email engagements from your account.

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