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Improve collaboration between departments. Working with Guest users.

Working with outside consultants? Add them on as Guest users for easy collaboration and improved productivity.

Your MangoCRM account comes packed with various tools and features built to help you run your business more efficiently.

One of the key themes we tried to keep front and center when developing the core features of the system was “collaboration.

Collaboration between you and your internal staff, as well as with others you might work closely with from time to time, or even perhaps long-term, but are not part of your team.

Outside consultants like Accountants, Lawyers, Auditors, Sales trainers, and so on. These are the men and women who, when working with you, will need access to certain specific segments of your internal corporate data.

Your Mango account allows you to invite “Guest” users to your account. Like most types of Non-Admin users, guest users will have access to limited features and none of the tools available to you and your admins.

For example, guest users cannot view reports, manage users, add new products, etc.

To add a guest user, here is what you do:

Log into your MangoCRM account

Click on the "Manage Users" link in your main menu.

Click on "New User" tab in the top right corner of your page.

Fill in the new user information popup form

Be sure to first designate your guest user as "Other", then select the "Staff" option to ensure that the user does not have access to your admin tools.

  1. Click "Save"

Your guest user will receive an email notification with instructions to log in to their account and begin collaboration with you and your team.

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