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Is it just me or has the Twitter Ads platform gotten so much better?

2023 might be the year to seriously consider dedicating a nice portion of your ad budget to Twitter ads.

It has become very difficult to have a conversation-any conversation- about Twitter in a drama-free way or context. And the preceding (and ongoing) events that have led to this issue are not lost on me. I watch, what I think is a healthy amount of cable news. Then again, saying this is like a drunk declaring that they drink a healthy amount of alcohol. But, put that aside and I think we can all agree that Twitter has become a conversation starter, to say the least.

What I think most talking heads in the news miss about what is happening to the firm is that at the end of the day, Twitter, just like any other business has to make money, periodt! As the kids say.

For folks who are not engaged in the sometimes perilous pursuit of trying to build a sound, profitable enterprise, one with a boner-inducing balance sheet and income statement, the business machine behind these social media platforms often goes unnoticed. And that is ok.

The thing is, being a guy who advertises on almost all social media platforms and Google Ads, I can tell you that as budgets tighten and revenues shrink, folks like myself start to look for other ways to get the word out about our products and services without breaking the bank. This is where I think Twitter Ads is starting to look pretty attractive.

Audience engagement

This feature, by far, has to be my favorite thing about "the new Twitter" (as nobody but me calls it). I have been playing around with this feature quite a bit lately.

Among the many capabilities, the audience manager feature allows one to upload a list of customers, app users, website visitors, etc. To, among many things, retarget those folks with products and/or services they might have shown interest in before, or are currently using.

Simplified Ad deployment

Unnecessary complexity is often - in my view- an obstacle to progress and success, for that matter.

And it seemed as if the old Twitter was all about making it as complicated as possible to deploy new ads.

In all honesty, that was the main reason why Twitter had always received about 10% of my yearly ad budget. These days, however, the new and improved ad interface allows me to quickly and seamlessly set up new ads.

Billing department

I have to say...Twitter has, over time, developed one of the most easy-to-understand billing regimes out there.

Trying to figure out exactly how much you are spending on ads and trying to anticipate the cost of advertising over a long period of time has always been a bit of a guessing game with most online advertising platforms. Especially when it comes to social media platforms.

The new billing interface at Twitter, I think, helps bring some much-needed clarity to the way I think about digital ad spend at my firm.

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