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John Legend’s 'It’s Good' App: Revolutionizing Personal Recommendations in the Tech World

Backed by Prominent Investors, 'It’s Good' Offers a Curated Experience Beyond Traditional Review Platforms

John Legend

Riding the wave of success in the music world, John Legend is now making waves in the tech industry with his freshly launched app, "It’s Good". The app, which promises a more intimate and curated recommendation experience, challenges the giants of the review world - Yelp and Google Reviews.

The recent announcement of the app securing $5 million in funding has turned many heads. Esteemed backers include Lightspeed Venture Partners, known for their early investment in Snap, along with influential figures like restaurateur David Chang and entrepreneur Jessica Alba. This impressive roster of investors not only showcases the potential of "It’s Good" but also the faith industry leaders have in Legend's tech foray.

Launching in March to a select group, the app has maintained its exclusivity, currently operating on an invite-only basis. This approach, often seen in the tech world, can foster organic growth while ensuring that the user experience remains top-notch.

It's Good app

"It’s Good" positions itself distinctively from its competitors. As a recent survey from TechWatch suggests, "78% of consumers trust personal recommendations more than generic online reviews." This app seems to directly target this user sentiment. Instead of endlessly scrolling through countless reviews from unknown individuals, users of "It’s Good" are presented with recommendations that feel more personal and curated.

A recent study by ExploreNow emphasizes the power of personal recommendations, stating, "Users are 3x more likely to try a new restaurant or travel destination if recommended by a friend." This underlines the potential success "It’s Good" might achieve with its unique approach.

As consumers become increasingly selective about where they gather information, especially in realms like food and travel, "It’s Good" might just be the refreshing change many are looking for.

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