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Netcapital Equity Crowdfunding: A Case Study of Successful Startups

Catalyst AI, Averroes, and EarthGrid Raise Capital Through Netcapital's Equity Crowdfunding Model


Netcapital is a leading equity crowdfunding platform that connects entrepreneurs with investors. The platform enables startups to raise capital from a broad range of investors, including accredited and non-accredited individuals. Since its inception in 2018, Netcapital has helped over 200 startups raise more than $26 million in funding.

Netcapital's platform is designed to simplify the fundraising process for startups by providing them with the tools and resources they need to create compelling fundraising campaigns. The platform also offers investors an easy way to discover and invest in promising startups.

In this case study, we will showcase three startups that have successfully raised capital via Netcapital's equity crowdfunding model - Catalyst AI, Averroes, and EarthGrid.

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Catalyst AI:

Catalyst AI is an AI-powered platform that helps businesses automate their workflow and streamline their operations. The platform uses advanced algorithms and machine learning to optimize workflows, reduce costs, and improve productivity.

Catalyst AI launched its crowdfunding campaign on Netcapital in 2021 and raised over $670,000 from more than 900 investors. The company plans to use the funds to expand its operations, hire new talent, and develop new products.


Equity crowdfunding

Averroes is a digital health platform that uses AI to provide personalized health recommendations to patients. The platform analyzes patient data to provide customized health plans that are tailored to each patient's unique needs.

Averroes launched its crowdfunding campaign on Netcapital in 2020 and raised over $520,000 from more than 800 investors. The company plans to use the funds to expand its operations, develop new products, and hire new talent.


EarthGrid is a renewable energy company that is developing a revolutionary new solar panel technology. The company's technology uses a unique design that allows solar panels to capture sunlight from multiple angles, resulting in increased energy production and lower costs.

EarthGrid launched its crowdfunding campaign on Netcapital in 2019 and raised over $1.3 million from more than 1,400 investors. The company plans to use the funds to further develop its technology, build out its manufacturing capabilities, and expand its operations.

Netcapital's equity crowdfunding model has proven to be an effective way for startups to raise capital and for investors to discover promising new companies. The platform's easy-to-use interface and comprehensive set of tools make it a popular choice for entrepreneurs looking to raise capital.

The three startups showcased in this case study - Catalyst AI, Averroes, and EarthGrid - are just a few examples of the many successful companies that have used Netcapital's platform to raise funding.

As more and more startups turn to equity crowdfunding to raise capital, Netcapital is poised to become an increasingly important player in the startup ecosystem.


Disclaimer: This article is not meant to be a solicitation for investment in any of the companies mentioned. The views expressed in this article are purely for informational purposes and do not constitute investment advice. Salesfully, MangoCRM, and associating firms (Corvus Web Services) are investors in Net Capital.

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