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Tips & tricks: Working in Mango

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

A simple tool to help you manage all your customers, contacts, and more.

The basic idea behind Mango is to help simplify the most important tasks in your daily business life. With that being said, let's cover some of the basic things you can do with Mango.

  • To-do's

  • Announcements

  • Contacts

  • Billing

  • Users


Managing your to-do's in Mango is as easy as can be.

You create a new to-do, either from the To-do module or from your contact's account. When a to-do is created within the to-do's module, you will be able to associate each to-do or task with a specific teammate or contact. This neat little feature serves as a reminder of what you were supposed to do and to also be able to bring up any account information needed to complete said task.


The "Announcements" feature allows you to share information with your team and/or contacts easily. The feature works this way:

Any system user can create a new announcement and designate who the recipients are. Each user will be able to read this announcement as it will appear in their notifications once logged into their account. This is a great feature for sharing reminders for important events with your customers and/or team.


With simplicity in mind, we took a new approach to contact management. Instead of having you create a bunch of contact lists, we decided to build a unified contact list system. With this approach, all your contacts are in one easy-to-navigate table. You simply have to assign "tags" to your contacts to be able to pull them up. That's it.

Tip: Tags or short phrases or words used to group related contacts together. For example, if I have a few contacts who are interested in building websites with my company, I can simply assign the tag: Website prospects. This will allow me to search for all contacts related to web development in my contact list.


Mango's billing interface is one of our most exciting features. As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we often find ourselves without the tools to help deploy unique products and services and the infrastructure needed to collect timely payments for our offerings. Mango gives you the tools to do just that. Quickly create products and services and easily collect payments from your customers regardless of what their payment preferences are. Collect Paypal or Credit card payments all within one streamlined interface.

Managing users

Whether you are a lone wolf or work with a team, Mango has the tools to help you get work done. As the administrator of your account, you can add as many teammates as needed and designate various user roles to help foster deeper collaboration across your company.

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