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What is an Admin? Navigating user roles in MangoCRM.

Your MangoCRM account can be a very powerful business tool, should you commit to unlocking the platform's full potential.

Your account is packed with various features aimed at helping you build and run the most efficient business possible.

We, the creators of this versatile platform, understand that companies often consist of teams. A group of men and women working together under one roof, or remotely, to build something of value to their customers, themselves, and the rest of their community.

With that in mind, we designed Mango to allow various levels of users with various roles attached.

In this article, I will cover the various user levels associated with your account and the extent of the capabilities of each user level.

If you were the one in your organization to originally signup for this software application, then chances are you are an admin.

Navigating User Roles within your Organization

What is an admin?

The Admin is the manager of the account in question. The admin has the ability to manage who has access to the account, who gets to see what levels of information, and so on. Each account can have various admins as set by the original admin.

The admin also has the ability to manage your company's inventory and set prices for goods and services sold. Your company's Admin users also have access to reports associated with the overall performance of your team.

Users come next

In the context of your account, as it relates to your organization, "User" is a term used to describe all non-admin account access.

You or any of your admins can add new staff members to your Mango account.

During the process of adding new team members, the admin doing the adding will get a chance to designate the new user as a "User".

This role can be later changed as many times as needed. This designation allows the User access to all of the main features Mango has to offer, minus the clearly designated Admin tools we have talked about.

Assigning staff positions within your account

Then Positions

All accounts will have a supply of user positions to assign in addition to the two main account access designations.

The system is set up this way to help keep track of which team members have which roles within your organization and to also establish clear lines of communications among various departments within your organization.

Roles available to be assigned are as follows:

  • Management

  • Sales & Marketing

  • Compliance

  • Staff

  • Human Resource(HR)

  • Other


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