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2 Proven ways to deliver customer support with "tags" in Mango

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

How you can use our tags feature to help deliver excellent customer support on a consistent basis.

In an ever-evolving competitive global economy, growth is often the most basic of all success metrics. The success of your idea(s) and or company. Investors, customers... heck, even you will come to see your product build value depending on the level of market penetration and customer buy-in.

And in this new hyper-communicative world, where just about any customer, regardless of socio-economic status or geography can share their thoughts ( good or bad) with the rest of the world with just a click of the mouse or a push of the button, one must deliver on not just the promise of product, but on your brand value as a whole. You must be able to deliver superior customer service at any given time.

One way you can do so is by having an organized, streamlined system in place across all channels. "Tags" in Mango make it super easy to help build unique identifiers within each customer profile, thus helping you and your team craft a unique experience specifically geared towards each customer's needs.

With Mango, and by using Tags to store your customer contact info, you will be able to deliver on your promise.

You will be able to:

Build Uniqueness into each customer account.

Create keywords that help identify each customer or group of contacts. The system will automatically save your chosen keywords as lists for easy access later by you and /or members of your team.

Automatically create a lead list

In your Mango account, during your customer interaction(s), you or any member of your team with access to [ The Contact ] can edit, i.e add new tags to help build a company-wide list of leads.

Such actions can be used to test interest in upcoming products and or services. You can simply add a line of question(s) for contacts who might be interested in your new Dental plan.

"Since I have you on the phone, I wanted to let you know what we are launching a new dental plan next month and I thought you would be a great fit for such a solution. Can I reach out to you at the time of launch to discuss your needs?"

You can then tag your contact with "Leads for new dental plan" You and any member of your team will be able to later click on the given.

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