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4 Reasons to try Mangocrm's Support feature.

In Mango, the Support feature can be just what you need to manage customer service requests in a seamless and efficient way.

I am sure you have noticed the recent shift in generally accepted customer service protocols. Here, let me explain.

If you consume any products at all - which all of us do - then you have probably noticed that most firms, especially those that do business in more non-in-person ways than one have, over the last decade or so, completely eliminated the need to have open phone lines to assist customers with their product-related issues.

Companies like Fiverr and, both publicly traded firms, have no dedicated customer service phone lines.

When asked, these firms will tell you that deploying chat technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning across all customer service systems saves money and helps fulfill customer requests more efficiently.

And this may be true as long as one's non-phone customer service game is on-point. That being said, we have developed our support feature to help entrepreneurs like you handle customer-related issues in a more natural way.

Here are four reasons you should try the "Support" feature in your Mango account:


What is one of the most noteworthy aspects of the way we built the Support/ticketing feature within the Mango interface is how easy it is for agents, customers, and third parties to work on the same issue at once.

Furthermore, customers, via their dedicated accounts, can open new tickets, respond to updates on open tickets, and more. These actions, on the customer’s end, can be easily undertaken via their personal MangoCRM access.

Seamless collaboration

MangoCRM makes it super easy to work with others within one unified account. Whether you work with a handful of employees and consultants or work with a large team, the system allows you, the Admin, to add as many users as you see fit.

You can easily work with your team across many departments and geographies to help resolve customer issues.

Multimedia capabilities

Within the support feature, as I said, you can work on any type of customer issue with your team, or as a solo entrepreneur/customer service agent.

As part of the feature’s capabilities, you are also able to upload and attach all types of files (CSV, PDF, WORD) to help communicate with your customers in a more effective way.

So much more

Working on tickets is a breeze within the MangoCRM interface. You are able to open and close tickets with just a few clicks.

Any time changes are made to a specific support ticket, all parties working on each individual ticket will get email notifications as to the status of the ticket(s) in question.

Users can also easily assign tickets to other users to help resolve customer issues quickly and correctly.

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