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Building your business through outstanding customer support

Learn how to leverage the power of your MangoCRM account's support ticket feature to provide superior customer service.

One of the greatest challenges faced today by businesses of all types and sizes is the need to connect with their customers. Significant advancements in technology, from machine learning to Artificial intelligence place productivity and efficiency at the forefront of most organizations' daily priorities.

More often than not, leaving customers with few options in terms of issue resolution when faced with complex issues.

On one hand, overinvesting in your (customer care) workforce can leave your organization vulnerable to bigger, more efficient competitors. On the other hand, a lack of a meaningful customer support infrastructure can inhibit the exponential growth of your business and erode your brand's goodwill assets.

With these all too familiar challenges in mind, we created our "Support" feature. This feature, when leveraged properly, can help you and your team respond to, and resolve customer issues quickly.

Feature overview

In your account, as well as the accounts of your team members, you can locate the link to your support interface.

Once you share your customers' account details with them, they will also be able to access the support interface on their end.

Via either access point, new support tickets can be initiated by either party. You and your team will be able to use these tools to respond to customer issues quickly.

Ready to start using your Support tickets feature?

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