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Find new Business-to-Business leads with Mango

You can now search for and add local business contacts to your contact list directly from your MangoCRM account.

As part of our continued efforts to bring to small business owners and entrepreneurs the tools needed to start and grow their businesses, we have made significant improvements to the "Business leads" feature/section in Mango.

The previous interface, as per feedback from our users, was far too restrictive and didn't lend itself to efficiency.

That being said, we have made improvements in these key areas:

  • Simplified search parameters

Work with fewer search filters. Once you have added your leads to your contacts or exported them in a CSV file, you will be able to still access all the data associated with each individual lead.

  • Bulk actions

Our new interface allows for you, the user, to select multiple leads to add to your contacts list or for export.

  • Simple design

We have significantly streamlined the various design aspects of not just the business leads page but the entire platform. This is to allow for easier navigation and an overall improved user experience.

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