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How to add new products to your account. Billing customers for your products!

Mango, our All-in-one customer interaction management system makes it super easy for you or any other admin user to add new products to your company's inventory.

This feature allows you to easily collect payment for products and services your company offers directly from your MangoCRM account.

Your customers will be able to log into their customer access portals to pay you for the services and/or products you add to their accounts.

Once payment is made, your "Account reports" page will show a full report of products sold as well as various metrics for other mission-critical activities on your account.

You are able to add new products, delete existing ones, and edit products in your inventory.

In this guide, I will walk you through the process of adding a new product to your company's inventory and sending a bill to your customer for said product.

Adding new products to your inventory

Adding a new product

1. Log into your mango account

2. Click on the "Products" link in your left side menu

3. Click on "Add new product"

4. Please fill in your product name, Unique I.D (This can be an SKU or UPC to help track your products across all other services you use), description, category, etc. Be sure to generate a payment link to allow your customers to easily pay you from their accounts.

5. Upload a product photo and select "Active" from the Status menu to allow your products to show under customer accounts and across your entire company.

6. Click Save

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