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How to share videos in Mango /finding your YouTube video ID

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

In this tutorial, I shall walk you through the simple steps required to share videos with your team and how to obtain your YouTube video ID

Sharing videos in Mango is super easy. You can share videos, text-based updates, and articles across your entire organization. You and anyone on your team can simply visit the "Announcements" section of their account to do so.

In this guide. I will walk you through the simple steps required to post a video to your account and how to share it with your team.

Members of your team will see your (video) post when they log into their accounts. They will be able to leave comments and react to your post.

Here is what you do :

1. Log into your Mango account

2. Visit the "Announcements" section

3. Click on "New Announcement" button

4. Click on "Video post"

5. You can use the various fields to add hashtags, comments, the title of your post, Members of your team or customers you want to share this video with

6. Enter the YouTube video ID of the video you want to share and click "Post"

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