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Share important documents with your clients in two easy steps

Your MangoCRM account makes it super easy to attach and share important documents with your clients and/or your team.

There are times in business when we need to get an important document to a client, fast. We have all been there.

And in today's busy world, we oftentimes need a secure way to store said documents too. Ways that not only provide enhanced security but also allows easy access for the client, as well as you and your team. 

We took steps, based on the aforementioned realities and needs, to build the "Documents" feature into MangoCRM's main contacts interface. 

This dynamic feature allows you to strategically attach documents that are relevant to each individual client/contact/customer's account.

The great thing about this feature is that you can set each document to either be only available to your team or to also provide access on the client's end.

You can do so by simply choosing for the document to be Internal only or to be seen by "All users".

Note that if you choose to make a document available to only your internal staff, only those who have access to the client's account will see this information.

This feature allows you to attach all types of documents and documents of all sizes. You can share CSV files, PDF documents, Photo documents, and so on.

Here is how you attach/share a document

1. Log into your MangoCRM account and create a new contact

2. Go to the "Documents" tab on your contact's page 

3. Click on "Add Document"

4. Assign a title.

One that will help identify the document such as "Design contract 2021".

Write a short description and choose who gets access to the document.

Select desired document from your device and click "Upload"

You can share your client's username and password with them to allow them to log into their accounts to see the document.

This feature, based on user data, is often used to transmit and store documents and files such as

  • Contracts

  • Insurance applications and policies

  • Invoices

  • Proposals

  • Pitch decks and investor presentations

  • Business plans 

  • Many more

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