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Unboxing MangoCRM: A New Home for your Business Contacts 01

Most of your transactions within your account, as it is in your business, will revolve around people.

Within your MangoCRM account reside various robust tools and features designed and curated to help you manage, with higher levels of efficiency, various aspects of your business.

Conventional wisdom and business trends lay bare the need to make Investments in the people and technology upon which profitable businesses are often built.

The system, the MangoCRM system, firmly positions both elements front and center. In that, most of your transactions within your account, as it is in your business, will revolve around people: Your team and your customers, and others you do business with.

In this article, we shall go over the features within your account that directly deal with your external contacts/customers/Clients.

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Your main "Contacts" interface serves as your command center for managing all of your business contacts.

Single Interface

Mango was built to provide maximum efficiency and ease of use every step of the way. With this goal in mind, we saw it more, well, efficient to provide our users with the tools to manage all business contacts, clients, customers, partners, etc. from one simple page.

Rather than create multiple contact lists, our system allows you to mark your contacts with "Tags". These are simple keywords that will help you locate and manage similar contacts.

So let's talk about this feature a bit more.

Segmenting your contacts using "tags"

As you continue to build out your contact list, you will find it very useful to consistently segment all your contacts based on keywords and phrases you can always use to (easily) locate your contacts within the system.

We find it very useful to arrange your contacts this way.

This feature is especially super helpful when you have many different categories of contacts associated with your organization.

Creating tags

During the initial setup of your contacts, you can create single tags or multiple tags to help you identify your individual contacts or list of contacts. You can always come back and edit your tags even after the creation of a contact.


The contacts section of your account is the central point of all transactions having to do with your clients, customers, and so on.

The interface is arranged such that you will be able to perform various tasks with your contact being the central element.

The "Personal" tab gives you access to input and/or edit personal details about your contact.

For B2B sales, this is where you will be able to record various details about your point person at XYZ company.

You are able to embed one video that holds relevance to your contact. In the recruiter world, users often embed video resumes of their clients/ job-seekers.


The organization tab is your main location to record the various basic details about the firm your contact person is associated with.

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