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What is CRM?

A Comprehensive guide to contact management software applications, the history of CRM tools and answers to the most frequently asked questions about online customer relationship management software applications.

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What is customer relationship management?

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The Acronym CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. CRM tools or platforms feature a mix of tools meant to help businesses manage their customer data and perform certain sales-related tasks. 


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What is a CRM tool
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So, really, customer interaction management software?

Most businesses, large or small require the use of some sort of unified system through which they can store precious customer data. Data that can be invaluable to an assortment of business/ revenue-generating activities. 


Most frequently asked questions

So, what is CRM?, What is a CRM tool, or what is CRM software? Well, the answer depends on the nature of your business and what your specific needs are.

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What is a CRM tool used for?

Customer relationship management platforms are in short used to store vital client or customer information.

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What are examples of CRM?

The top 5 most popular customer relationship management companies or CRM providers are Salesforce, Zoho, Insightly, MangoCRM and Freshdesk

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Why is a CRM important?

Businesses must securely store customer data to help ease create new products, provide great customer service and to aid in effective marketing.

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What is CRM and its advantages?

There are many advantages to having a robust contact management platform. The most important of which is the boost a CRM can give to productivity across all departments in your firm

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What is CRM software and how does it work?

The basic functionality of any CRM will be to be able to store customer data, is searchable, and can automate certain processes.

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How do I test a CRM application?

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