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Navigating MangoCRM


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Your Mango account dashboard is the first area the system takes you to each time you log into your account. This area, and your account as a whole, is divided up into seven sections.

travel crm

Workflows: Access to all non-admin features including Contacts, business leads search area, updates, To-do's, and the support area where you and your team can manage support tickets sent by your customers.

crm project

Greetings tab: Greeting with your profile picture plus access to the Contacts area of your account.

freshdesk crm

Shortcuts: Access to various areas in your account, similar to your workflows menu.

crm leads

Recent to-do's: A list of your recent personal to-do's and access to all your personal to-do's.

virtuous crm

Top dashboard area: Access to your notifications, search, manage users, setting

crm development

Recent updates: Access to your most recent updates

siebel software

Admin tools: Access to various tools related to designated admins on your account. 

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